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Here are some of the services I can offer. Drop me a line to discuss further.

I’m based in Sheffield with office and studio space. I have good travel options including a car and comprehensive public transport. I also regularly spend time in Hamburg in Germany.


I started podcasting about five years ago - purely as a passion project as working in radio management meant I didn’t get much opportunity to get behind the mic anymore.

I’m now involved in five passion shows and I’m launching Behind The Mic soon to chat to some of the people I’ve met and worked with other years to get their tips and advice.

If you need help with podcasting, whether it’s someone to mentor you through your launch, right through to successful shows ready for the next push, let’s arrange a free consultation and chat.


Since 2018 I've been working directly with podcasters, helping guide new and experienced creators along their journey.

This includes mentoring them through drawing up their podcast plan, establishing their niche and picking a format to match, getting everything set up technically including helping with the digital and branding aspects, all the way through to the big launch itself - and beyond.

Book in a quick consultation or drop me a line to see how I can help you best in the next step of your journey.


My first show was at a community station RSL in Barnsley in the mid-90s when I was barely a teenager. Radio has always been in my blood.

I’ve presented shows in every daypart, read hundreds of news bulletins, scheduled thousands of hours of music, and managed teams of presenters and journalists spanning multiple sites.

I’ve remained a keen radio listener throughout it all (really enjoying Scala Radio right now).

If you need a radio consultant, a freelance presenter or journalist, drop me a line.



I know first hand how difficult it can be getting a podcast off the ground.

You have the seeds of an idea, but how the heck do you get to a point where you have episodes edited and published so people can listen to their on whatever app they choose?

Don’t panic, that’s where I come in!

I’ve helped dozens of podcasters in the last year and I’m happy to offer you a free 10 minute consultation to see where you’re at and how I can help with your next steps.

Longer consultations are available to book, too. Just drop me an email to discuss and we'll get everything set up.

Content creation

It’s become a buzz phrase recently, but content creation is nothing new - I have a wealth of experience in traditional forms - written and broadcast - and newer mediums like digital and podcasts.

I’ve been creating content since I was a kid, and can create for you or help you creating your own.

Need someone to write a guest piece for a magazine or website? Give me a shout.


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Pretty much my whole life has ultimately been about communications (sad but true!) - whether written, spoken, digital, or somewhere in between.

I can offer that experience and knowledge to help guide you through your current challenges.

If you’re looking for someone to help you with a communications strategy, delivering some communications training or anything else - let’s chat and see how my experience can help.


Some people love editing; others hate it.

Thankfully, I’m in the former category, which is great news if you’re in the latter.

After someone to edit an episode - or become your new regular editor? Drop me a line, or arrange a free 10 minute consultation so we can chat through your project and get everything booked in.

I work with several partners who can help with creating intros and outros if you need them, too.


Whether it’s radio, podcasting or digital, I’ve built up a healthy CV of experience producing.

Need a producer for a radio show to cover holiday, or someone to produce a complicated podcast episode? Or got a sponsor for your show but stuck when it comes to creating their ads or credits? I’m in.

Through my ongoing close work and relationship with Rebel Base Media, I can help you book in studio recording time and work as your producer. Drop me a line to discuss things further.


Radio has been in my blood from school, and podcasting and digital has kept that going.

I’m available for your voiceover needs - commercial script, liners for a podcast intro or sweeper, or something more involved.



Social media is here to stay and whatever you’re doing in media, it’s a tool you can use.

Whether it’s a bit of rebranding, a digital strategy, guidance on how content like video or effective email marketing can help your growth, let’s chat about where you’re at and what your best next step is.

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I was heavily involved with marketing the radio group I worked at and subsequently at Rebel Base Media. I’ve worked with several PR agencies over the years on many different projects.

Maybe you need a copywriter to draw up a press release with no fuss, ready to send out? Drop me a line to see how we can make things work.


I’ve delivered tons of events over the years, ranging from small conferences and workshops right through to major outdoor events, and all the health and safety considerations along the way.

I have solid contacts in the industry too, so whatever you’re looking to organise I can help - and if you need someone to come in and run your digital or produce a podcast with you at an event, let’s chat.

Anything else...?

If there's any other services you need that aren't listed, drop me a line or set up a consultation - even if I can't help personally, I'll try to hook you up with someone who can