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Whether you're looking to set up a podcast from scratch but don't know where to start - or an existing podcasting ready to step up to the next level - I'm your man.

I've helped loads of people get their shows off the ground, and worked with dozens of brands to create a unique podcast for them - a powerful form of audio marketing.

My services range from simple consultations to help make those all-important decisions, to editing packages, right through to full bespoke end-to-end services.

Drop me a line to set up a quick chat so we can discuss the best next step for you, whether you're an individual, or a business.

Email to find out more or to arrange a free consultation chat. These are all example services - I ALWAYS tailor a recommended package to your exact needs after we've chatted.

strategy sessions

Tailor made if you're just getting started and want to fast track your podcast launch. In a strategy session we start with your existing plans (or a blank page) and figure out the right idea for your shows, how you'll record it, all the technical bits covered, drawing up a recording schedule - basically everything you need to get done, in half a day.

The great thing is, it's all tailored to you and where you're at, so we don't waste time on stuff you already know. If you want to concentrate on content ideas, we'll do that; if you need some interview technique training, that's what we'll do. It's entirely adaptable.

A full strategy session also includes a few hours of recording to get your first episode done and in the bag and also a show trailer recorded. In just a day you can go from having that blank page to a fully planned out podcast with the first episode ready to launch! To find out more, drop me a line here


Wherever you are on your podcasting journey, my years of experience in the broadcast world can help.

We can arrange a professional radio-style aircheck review of your most recent episodes (like I used to do with my presenters when I worked in commercial radio) or perhaps focusing on the marketing and promotion of your podcast to increase your audience. To find out more or to book, just drop me a line

fast-track launch concierge

The exciting thing about launching a podcast is recording episodes and having fun.

The less exciting thing is setting up your hosting account, completing lots of settings, uploading artwork and audio files, and then submitting your show to platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Sure, I can guide you through it - but if you just want things done, my Fast-Track Launch Concierge service is perfect.

I'll take care of all the boring behind the scenes stuff in just a few hours (where it may take you days) and with a guarantee there won't be any lingering issues or tick box that's been left unchecked delaying your launch. Find out more by dropping me a line here

editing services

Some people love editing their audio and putting together their episode. Some people love the recording bit and hate the fiddling editing which comes afterwards. Thankfully, I'm in the former category.

If you need to free up some more of your own time, or editing's just not for you - I have a full set of editing services available from just £50, ranging from straight-forward simple editing, right through to full episode packages including uploading, writing show notes, transcription and more.

Worth pointing out I do all editing myself, rather than outsourcing to a third party, and work to a specification agreed between us of what sound you're after. To enquire or have a chat about editing, just drop me a line

production / remote production

I have a full mobile studio set-up which I can bring to you to record your episodes - either one by one, or a batch recording session of a few episodes in one go.

Of course at the moment, this isn't possible due to Coronavirus restrictions, so I have a remote production service. I'll set up your recording, organise the online tech for it, sit in on the recording / interview itself to make sure everything goes smoothly and deliver the audio in high quality to you afterwards.

All production can also be combined with discounted editing for a full remote episode service. You can find out more by sending me a quick message

monthly packages

Any sort of combination of the above can be turned into a bespoke monthly package for you with some healthy discounts.

Say you want some remote production, with editing, and a consultation every fortnight to review how the show is going and agree some action points for you to work on? That's fine. Or you're doing a daily show which you'd like me to edit and upload is weekly batches, with social media posts for each episode?

Whatever your requirements, I'll put together a perfect monthly package for you. Let's get the ball rolling, drop me a line now

seasonal packages

I know not everyone works in monthly chunks - so it may be you want to work in a seasonal way.

You can take out a package, just like the monthly ones with any combination of services, but for say a series of six episodes spread over as long a period of time as you wish - or all done in one day, if you like!

A seasonal package gives you the ultimate flexibility alongside cost-efficiency. Drop me a message now and let's chat.

retail booster

A new idea I'm just getting going where several retailers in one particular location launch a podcast highlighting what's on offer in their area. Let's say six shops on the same street get together - each shop gets its own episode in a series of podcasts which I'll record, edit, produce and release.

The costs are shared between all six meaning no-one has a major outlay but you all get a tool to promote both your own business and the wider retail area you're part of. It's a real win win. To find out more, drop me a line right here

absolute beginner package

You've just about got to grips with finding and LISTENING to a podcast. You like the idea of starting your own but you don't even know where to start. You have nothing to record it on, no idea how to get it out into the world. It's just a dream; it'll never happen.

Starting your own podcast is way easier than you think, and you have everything you need to do it - trust me.

You need a helping help. Someone to show you what to do and how to do it. Someone who doesn't use big fancy words and who doesn't mind you saying 'I don't understand that'.

Absolute Beginner is for you. It's a series of training tutorials between you and I to teach you how to podcast - in proper, simple terms. Between us we'll write up your own easy-to-follow guide so you know what to do - in your own language, not mine.

The first time you sit behind the steering wheel of a car you think there's no way you can learn how to drive this thing... that's why you need to learn, and need an instructor.

This is based on Zoom meetings - either one single four-hour session, or split between two shorter sessions.

Once social distancing is relaxed and it is safe to do so, these sessions will again be available in person (travel expenses apply). Drop me a quick email and we'll get you booked in.