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Book Your Free Podcast Taster Pack

So you think podcasting could be brilliant for your business, but you don't know what to do next?

My free Podcast Taster Pack is that next step.

We'll have a free consultation chat about the right idea for a podcast for your brand - and then get our hands dirty by recording an actual podcast episode with you, for Steel City Business

It gives you a real feel for what podcasting is like, and you'll have a practical idea to take away to help you get your own show started.

You can fire questions at me and we can chat about the help available too.

Note slots available on this calendar are limited, so if there isn't one which suits you, just drop me a line here and we'll get something sorted.

Oh and hey, if you don't fancy recording a podcast episode, that's absolutely fine, we can just have a chat y'know! Just let me know.